Second Year of the Composer Project

We are doing the Composer Project for the second year. We would like the students from Sunset Ridge to go to the Voicethread Page under the Iroquois West heading to listen to our Voicethread comments. You can try to guess which one is false. Please leave a message on the Voicethread telling us which comment is false.

First Year


Today we made some comments on the videos from SRS. We really enjoyed watching them. Some of us watched our favorites over and over again! Before we left our comments we discussed what a good comment looks like. We think we left some pretty good comments. We hope the kids at SRS enjoy them.
We have also left the answer on 2 of our 3 Voicethreads. The last class will leave their answer on Wednesday. Did you find the false fact?


We're back! Today we had a great time watching all of the videos that the students at SRS have made. Wonderful work! We spent the last part of class thinking of comments that would be constructive and positive. We will begin commenting on the videos on Wednesday.


We are taking a break from the project to really focus on our upcoming Christmas program. We will become more active again once we come back from Christmas break. We're looking forward to it!


Our Voice Threads about Mozart are finished! You can view the small versions on our Voice Thread page or follow the links to go to the actual VoiceThread on


Today we began recording our facts on the VoiceThreads. Some of the kids are concerned that our false fact is going to be too easy to pick out. Mrs. Muench is concerned that the false fact may be too hard to find! We wonder who will be right. We are finding out that we must speak slowly and clearly if we want the SR 5th graders to understand us. Hopefully They will be able to understnad what we mean.


We've been listening to Classics for kids and we've got our list of facts ready. This week we began making our avatars for the Voice Thread site.