About Mrs. Broos and Mrs. Muench

We met in 2004, at a music convention. We kept up our friendship online and with our bi-weekly "skype" calls, testing out new technologies. Both of us are DEN Star Educators and enjoy meeting people who can expose us to new ways to use technology in our classrooms.

Mrs. Muench began teaching in 1996 after she graduated from the University of Illinois. She has taught every grade level of vocal and general music classes from kindergarten to high school. Her favorite age to teach is Elementary though. She is currently teaching kindergarten through third grade general music in the morning and is Iroquois West District Technology Specialist in the afternoon.

We always felt we wanted our students to collaborate on a music project. We did not want to start a new project, only add to one that we already developed, so the Collaborative Composer Project was born.

About the Collaborative Composer Project

As it is with many big projects, nothing concrete really happened for about a year. We both threw out various ideas but none of them really seemed to work. THEN we both decided to attend a DEN conference in September of 2008. The folks who ran this conference knew what they were doing. They purposely built in time to work on projects using the tools they had introduced. Finally we had what we needed, TIME. Real, sit down in front of someone and talk kind of time. We got busy making our introduction video and nailing down whose classes would do what.

Here's the video we used to introduce our students to the Collaborative Composer Project